The organic growth of my album ’72 Names’

Hello world,

It has been only a few days since the release of my new album ‘72 Names’! The album was released via my website and will be available on iTunes and Amazon by the end of the week.

I decided to release the album without much noise or the ‘hoo-ha’ of PR and radio pluggers as I would like to give it the opportunity to grow organically. Although this does mean more hard work, having to spend hours near the computer connecting to old friends on Myspace (where I have more than 7000) and the other social media sites, I enjoy it.

An aggressive promotional campaign and the repetition of the same song on the radio will obviously allow the listener to become more familiar with a song and lead to success and fame much faster, but so many singer-songwriters complain that their record company takes control of the creative side, which is something I couldn’t give away, so there are pluses and minuses in everything.

Music is something so profound; something that people can connect to within seconds, like ‘love at first sight’ and I want to have that connection with you, the listeners, and to be in touch with you, to know you better and I would especially like to know if the optimistic theme of my lyrics uplifted you in anyway.

After meeting up with Cida, my friend on Saturday, at the ‘Beach’ bar in Fulham to give her my first CD, she introduced me to the owner and asked him to play my album for everyone there to hear. After a few minutes the DJ Mark Wheawill came over and asked if he could do a remix of the first song ‘Calling You’. I was very happy with his reaction and offer, particularly as the album had only just begun!

Also, the bar woman there, whom knew that my music was being played but hadn’t shown any signs of excitement like the DJ and my friend had, suddenly exclaimed halfway through the eighth track ‘Music is My Life’ that she loved it and that it was amazing! This showed me the power of music and how one can have an instantaneous connection to it within seconds.

I would love to know your thoughts on your favourite tracks, and in particular the ones that you fell in love with ‘at first sight’….


On the 18th June my new album ‘72 Names’ is finally released!

On the 18th June my new album ‘72 Names’ is finally released, and from that moment it all gets a new perspective and is out of my control – as it will now belong to you, the public.

The songs will probably get new interpretations  and in the coming months will have remixes and videos, created by talented DJ’s and directors that will take them into other dimensions.

In my new blog page, I would like to share with you all the different areas of my life, firstly about music, as the title of one of my new songs is ‘Music is my life’. But also other things that I have much interest in such as; life, self development, philosophy, alternative health and exciting places.

It is a very exciting  time for me and  I hope that you will enjoy it with me!