Chain emails & Miracles?

I got a chain email today from my sister and as she never sends me any chain emails I opened it and it was all about the wisdom of the Kabala. It asked at the end to send the email to 10-25 people, telling us how someone that responded to it became rich after 10 days and how one that didn’t had an accident.

How scary, even just the thought of it, so when I open those emails I always send to my friends just in case…..

I have been studying Kabala with a lot of teachers in London from the Kabala centre with same teacher who taught Madonna, Lubavitz, the Tanya book with a group of top psychologists, Rabbi Jeremy Rosen, Rabbi Tatz and few more. Then when I did my BA degree, I studied the Kabala in a more historic and academic context. So I look at things now from a spiritual and mystical view but also a logical one.

I believe in miracles and my life story is full of them. But first we have to create them and then let them happen!

I will write more on these subjects soon.


Published by

Tally Koren

International award-winning singer-songwriter is starting to make waves around the globe. She has been receiving great critical acclaim for her recent performances including the ‘Tate Britain’, the ‘Marbella Film Festival’, the ‘House of Lords’. A BBC Radio 2 playlist artist and the Fringe Award Winner for‘Best Singer-Songwriter’ 2011 Tally’s music has been featured on radio by Chris Evans, Graham Norton, and more In addition Tally is very passionate of using her music to build bridges between Israelis and Palestinians and has recently received a prestigious award as an “Ambassador for Peace” in the House of Commons.

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