Is myspace considered to be dead or news of the past? Well, what ever they all say it changed my life!

Time will tell if what I hear everyday from people in the industry is true about myspace.

I think I almost want to prove it wrong, as like someone that invested money in business or property and suddenly its not worth it anymore – it’s difficult to let go of it.

Myspace was the start up of all this social media world and singers like Lily Allen, Kate Nash and many more did very well through it, when me and other musicians came a bit later to the scene and start to attract many fans. I truly remember how I was “rejected” more than once from the music industry, then suddenly started to flourish from the compliments of the people about my voice and my music. The best complement I ever got was with one fan who decieded to go and study art after hearing my voice, this gave me a huge boost to keep going and after attracting my first 5000 fans I decided to go DIY and not wait for the record labels. I kept being active on Myspace while people were sending me facebook invitations and I really didn’t do much of it. In the mean time I started to become really friendly with some of the “ friends”.

And that came to be the result of my coming single “Beauty of the Duty” A poem that was sent to me by Fraser Lee Scott which I liked and after a few months I edited the words and then composed the melody and my single was born.

Same with the design of the cd, I got a friend on myspace that is a designer and I asked him to help me and design the CD, a beautiful cover was made by Andy Woodford.

What I like about myspace is that people can listen straight away to the music, although it didn’t bring me much business so far, as people can listen free to the songs.

its a site for musicians or people that try to sell to musicians , while on other sites its more about engaging people into all kinds of things to make them Like you! In my age  40+ I communicate with allot of people of older ages and can start to see the benefits of facebook and why its became the social media site, also allot of my friends moved to facebook and many emails that I send to old friendson myspace are never read, as you have the option to see if people read your page.

As an old loyal friend neither me or myspace friends like the new design, as people like to use what they are used to rather than move on.

So what can I conclude, are myspace days over?