Why 72 Names ?

This week was such an intense week, especially the 13 radio interviews one after the other, which I enjoyed tremendously.

The main question that I was asked is why I choose the name of the album to be 72 names?

A group of my friends will remember the Friday night dinner when suddenly I showed concern about the old title I had for the album – Optimistic. We all agreed that it’s a nice, fresh word but might not capture what my music is about.

I went through all the titles of the album songs and then when I said 72 Names – bingo – everyone liked it.

 But why 72 Names? First, I love numbers and always choosing things according to numbers, not completely fanatic but very much into it – I wrote in my last blog about 18, which means – ‘Life’ in Hebrew.

The number 72 sounds mysteries and open. It also plays a very deep and important part in different traditions, especially in the Cabbala – The Jewish mysticism. One of the Kabbala schools and the most known one – The Kabbala centre where Maddona , Sandra Benhard, Demi Moore , Naomi Campbell and many more celebrities teach how to chant the 72 Names of the explicit name , which are made of 72 groups of three letters, each of these triplets being the name of an angel or intelligence.

According to their teaching the chanting can help to unlocked many places in life that need improvement , like -money, relationship, success and heath, even if one do not understand Hebrew. In my early days in London I study Kabbala with almost all the teachers in town such as Dr Tali Levental, Rabbi Tatz, Eliyahu Yardeni from the Kabbala centre and one of the greatest teachers Jeremy Rosen from Yakar.

After learning so much wisdom from those great teachers , life brought me to do a BA in Jewish studies and for 6 years I studied at the Leo Baeck Centre. I had the privilege to study with best academic teachers in the UK, with regards to the Jewish world, as the college trained liberal and Reform Rabbis in Europe. It was very academic and very scary for me at first when I started to study there, as everyone was so intellectual and the word mysticism was not the favourite of my college classmates. But slowly I got my confidence and stood up for what I believed in. Through studying the most serious and deepest books of Kabbala and philosophy as Sefer Hayetira and the Guide of the Perplexed by Maimonides, Martin Buber I & Thou and my favourite philosopher Spinoza – I found my own voice – A balanced view between the esoteric side and the academic. So it was a journey of taking all the mystical awareness with so much academic knowledge and gather it all. Combing many aspects of myself – maybe 72 …..or maybe many more …… I found that the important part for me in that process was to unified of all aspects to a solid one which is – the self.

Somehow I did the same with my album 72 Names – I capture all the different sounds, colours and cultures that have influenced me though out my life and I put them together. What made it to be a whole is my singing voice and the optimistic theme expressed in the lyrics.

I love coincidences in life and after choosing the name ’72 Names’ when the CD was already printed I met by a chance a very spiritual Rabbi in Israel and he told me that the geometrical value of the name Hesed in Hebrew means mercy/love is the number 72, then I understood what was the reason beyond the reason that draw me to the name.

My album is finally out and you can download it on iTunes or get it on Amazon Links on my site http://www.tallykoren.com/merch.htm


The London Fringe Award For Best Singer & Songwriter 2011

The Ceremony of the London Fringe Awards and Honour of to receiving the

Award for Best Singer & Songwriter 2011

Timing is everything – to be in the right time t the right place . in Hebrew the word  Luck is Mazal .

If we take the Hebrew  letters of M, Z , L .

M =  stands for Makom – place

Z  =  stands for Zman – time

L = stands for Lhiot – to be

To be in the right time at the right place that is what the word luck means.

So all that long introduction is of how amazed I was that the Single official release was exactly on the day of receiving the Award. I think I was almost in a state of shock on the stage, although I didn’t show it.

Although I knew that its a Fringe Award, I couldn’t not wear a long black dress and feel like I am  in the Oscar…

The dress that I wear was a vintage dress which I took to a taylor to make it fit better. The secret is sometimes to buy dresses and change them as you like to get the right design for you.

We came on time to the event and I could feel my legs started to shake when I saw the amount of people – over 400. I never spoke before so many people. Although for a week I was talking to my self getting the speech right, I was so excited about it. Wrongly I typed it and printed before going.

The editor on his introduction of the evening asked me to have 60 second speech that put me into a more relaxed mood. My husband Simon Edwards which is the best coach in the world, told me not to mind about it and just read but unfortunately I didn’t listen to him.

Then I came to the stage all smiling but suddenly I felt that I am super excited. I also plan to sing few lines of the single as its words talks about ” The only thing that hold you back is you ” and  I managed to sing it twice.

Finally as I wanted to be quick I cut allot of names and the thanks I had in my mind,  so like to take the opportunity to Thanks – John Park the editor for believing in me all those years.

Ruth Deiches the best acting teacher in the world and my best friend that thought me so much and followed me from the first song I sang.

My friend and lyricist Joel Rockman that helped me from first week that I came to London 14 years ago. Boyd that is the most loyal camera man and know always how to get me right in video – as I am such a fussy person

Alison Lamb for all the help since my album 72 Names came out

Fraser Scott Lee for writing that beautiful poem that I turn to be the song – Beauty of the Duty.

Off course I thanks all of you my friends and fan that gives me all the time the great feedbacks to continue and now I am getting rewards of hard work.

All the music promoters and pr  – Neil  Ashby  for National radio that brought the single to radio 2 !

Hart Media that brought the single to over 39  radio stations in the regions playlist

Quiet Great Pr for all the hard work and the press coverage !

After the speech I drank the first glass of red wine and then the party started….not sure how many I had but I felt the celebration in the air.

It was such an amazing night and I was so privilege to win award among such talented directors, actors, comedian and real beautiful people.

Click to watch the speech: