My Makeup Tips & Secrets

How to turn  from an House wife to  Cinderella in 15 minutes – My recommendations of my favourite cosmetic products!

People that work with me from photographers, directors, actors  makeup artist etc, know that I am super fussy person when it comes to makeup  and maybe few other things. It took me years to learn how to be in control and get what I want!

I love makeup, cosmetics and anything to do with beauty – no wonder my single is named Beauty of the Duty! I can spend hours near the different counters in Harrods and Selfridges and get friendly with the beauty consultants, learn from them,  share with them my knowledge and get from them a lot of samples. I’ve got a box that is full of samples, supply for almost a year… but it’s so good to get those samples because then you know what really works for you and your skin.

My knowledge of makeup and beauty started at the age of 13 when I began to be a model. From that age, I learnt how to make my makeup for small or big fashion shows, for photo shoot and videos all of which are different.

Some woman are blessed with beauty that everything that you’ll do with them they will have that perfect face. But most of us need to find the way to make us look the best we can, in what we wear, the style of our hair and our makeup. The problem is that if the 3 above are things that we are not very knowledgeable or feel comfortable about, when we have an event we will go to an expert and then it really depends on our luck and budget to bring the best of us.

I had so many bad experiences with makeup artists  when I did a commercial as they made me look different from myself, and  not as good. As much as I tried to explain to them what I want and showed them photos they did their own thing. What I learned is that Sophia Loren always did her makeup  which gave me the confidence to do mine, as when one has got a unique way of doing the eyes – it’s so important to do it 100% right.

Saying that I had a few makeup artists that have made me so much better that what I can do myself – so I am still looking in the UK to connect with one makeup artist who will work with me on regular basis.

I met last year Estée Lauder’s Global Premier Makeup Artist’s  – Blair Patterson and he did some makeup for me. He made me  different to what I always do but so glamorous and good. He spent a long time putting on the foundation, almost like a sculptor defines the bone structure with different shades of foundations.

In 2010 when I saw the new look of the  classical singer Katherine Jenkins I was amazed by how she had changed her image and looked even more stunning than before. I did my little research and I found that her makeup artist is James Molloy – Mac’s senior artist who is in head position with Mac and I hope to work with him one day soon.

Please watch my short video of how to turn into Cinderella in 15 minutes and the few essential that we must have.

In the photo below I had the privilege to meet in Sefridges the renowned makeup artist Trish McEvoy

Who is known as a makeup artist of the big  Hollywood stars such as  Angelina Jolie, Dame Judi Dench, the presenter Larry King and more. She is 60 and looks stunning. I loved her natural look, although most of her beauty consultant were wearing a very dark eye shadows that created a beautiful cat eyes look  which she got very nice shades of eye shadows. I got for myself the – 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner.


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