Welcome to Tallyland!

Welcome to my Tallyland blog – Tallyland why?  – I’ve been accused many times in my life that I live in my own world but I am glad I was never accused of being  too selfish!

Tallyland will give me the opportunity to share with you so much knowledge that I have gathered since a very young age of being a model, traveling the world, to my love of fashion, beauty, health and holistic medicine, spirituality and mysticism, a place to visit and enjoy food and my passion of music and life.

I will start with event that I went to last week which inspired me a lot.  It was an intimate lecture by the Award winning illustrator, designer, director and animator Noma Bar, who spoke about his brilliant work “The Visual Punch Line”.  If you’ll see the link below you’ll recognized his distinctive images that we can see in posters, magazine and the papers.

He  gave us an insight into how he manages to create an image that has such a strong impact with, with so little information by  using  negative space. For me it was such a nice experience to get out of Tallyland and hear someone else talking about his creativity with so much passion, honesty and simplicity. It showed me that all creative people, even if their work will express different aspect and perception of reality, is all coming from the same place.

Link to Noma Bar agent:


The event took place in the most amazing gallery  – Stern Pissarro Gallery, on St. James’s Street in the West End, which I will have a special blog as my favourite period of painting is the impressionism.

We were surrounded by the most amazing paintings of  Camille Pissarro and Sisley, what an uplifting experience. The painting near me had a value of £45000 and a clever man in the audience asked Noma, how does he see his work in the far future, and can he imagine the concept of one of his works being sold for so much money?

I wrote once a song in Hebrew which I haven’t released yet – No more Van Gogh Artists starving for bread (bad translation) but it was a kind of a statement that came from my own old experience in Israel, of not being fully recognised. Not because people didn’t think I was good, as I worked with the best musicians but because I create from a different place, not trying to be like that or the way the music industry rules dictates us to get quick success.

It’s so nice to see more and more artists being recognized, organisations supporting art and even the commercial X- Factor phenomena and Britain’s Got Talent give hope to many people.

As to my beliefs: the most important is to be able to express your emotions in life with freedom and love.

Lisiere du Bois by Camille Pissarro

http://www.pissarro.net/ Stern Pissarro Gallery. 66 St. James’s Street, London.


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Tally Koren

International award-winning singer-songwriter is starting to make waves around the globe. She has been receiving great critical acclaim for her recent performances including the ‘Tate Britain’, the ‘Marbella Film Festival’, the ‘House of Lords’. A BBC Radio 2 playlist artist and the Fringe Award Winner for‘Best Singer-Songwriter’ 2011 Tally’s music has been featured on radio by Chris Evans, Graham Norton, and more In addition Tally is very passionate of using her music to build bridges between Israelis and Palestinians and has recently received a prestigious award as an “Ambassador for Peace” in the House of Commons.

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