“Beauty of the Duty” Remix Contest

Your chance to remix a hit record: the only thing holding you back is you!

This is your opportunity to have your music played throughout the UK and be heard by millions of audience members. Receive professional constructive criticism from people who know their music and can turn dreams into reality.

Tally, who is a London Fringe Award Winner of 2011, has been receiving national radio play for her single Beauty of the Duty to critical acclaim. Now we want you to remix it and put your own unique twist on her music

We at TCK are looking to get your track on the radio so it must ‘radio friendly’, we want to get you as a producer heard by the by industry professionals. With Tally’s heart warming vocals and the right creative direction from Neil Ashby (radio plugger), Mike Exachos (MTV award winning producer), Mark Pearce D-Rom (producers agent). They as a group will select and guide all applicants to make your track as good as it can possibly can be.

Every applicant will receive comments on their tracks and be given time to improve it before the final deadline, it gives you as an up and coming artist the chance to work to industry briefs and be guided by our industry professionals to help make progress your skills. The winner will receive studio time and guidance from the team to create the potential next single for Tally Koren which will be promoted out the UK on national and regional radio stations.


To apply please go to http://www.tallykoren.com/remix.php and enter relevant info to receive remix stems for your track, once stems are received you have 6 weeks until 23.5.11 to upload your final mix to Tally’s group on Soundcloud. If upload is before the 6 week deadline you will receive guidance on how to improve your track to make it better and more radio friendly. The 10  tracks with the most plays go through to the final.

The track doesn’t have to be fully mixed and mastered, just to the best of your ability. If successful, it will be professionally mixed and mastered in a studio.

Everyone who enters WILL receive feedback from an industry professional, this your chance as a producer to be heard. It only takes one person with authority within the industry to change your music career.

The winner will be chosen by Neil Ashby, Mike Exachos, Mark Pearce and Tally Koren herself. Tally’s words about the competition: “I’m really excited about this remix competition, as when I wrote Beauty of the Duty, I knew it could be a hit dance track. There are so many undiscovered talents out there and you might be one of them so good luck  and I’m so much looking forward to hearing what you did with my song!”

First Prize

The winning remix will be serviced via Tck Producion  promotion team – mailing list, posted on all her sites, and tweeted by  Tally Koren and  will receive studio time only and guidance from the team to create the potential next single for Tally Koren which will be promoted out the UK on national and regional radio stations. If the single will be release via Tck production digitally the winner will get 5% of the net profit.

Second Prize

Will receive a free dj/producer  account on D-rom for a year. D- rom brings together the best in dance music from top international DJ’s & Clubs.

Third Prize

A free mastering session for your track by Robin Springall at Repeat Performance.


All files are the property of Tck Production  (C) 2011 & made exclusively available for the sole purpose of the ‘Beauty of the Duty – Remix Competition’. Only one entry per person aged 16+.  By downloading the remix pack you enter the contest and agree to be bound by its terms and the judges’ final decision.

  • Samples and material used in remixes must not violate any laws or third party rights.
  • All remixes will be property of Tck Production and any commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent.
  • Non-commercial use of remixes IS allowed. You may post your work on your web page provided that correct credit is given to named artist and writers.
  • If your work is selected to feature on the digital release you do this at no charge and waive your right to royalty payments.

My visit to Germany

I was invited by German label FGS to come and play in Frankfurt on the 7th April. It was my first gig in Germany and I was very excited. I flew with Lufthansa in the morning direct to the Musik Messe conference the place of the gig and in less than one hour I was in a different life to the UK.

I must say the seats in the airplanes were very comfortable but I was very surprised by the airline’s hospitality only giving a muffin and an apple slice during the two journeys! But once I arrived the delicious German food, especially the sandwiches, compensated for my hunger!

When I came to the music conference I had the surprise of my life, the conference in Frankfurt can contain 50,000 people and is one of the largest in the world! To get from building to building there was a shuttle bus. When I got to the hall I was taken away by all of the instruments, all of the guitars and cellos but less comfortable for the ears were all of the amplifiers, which were all being played at once!

It was a very interesting view for me as a singer-songwriter to see over 20,000 people who occupy the same genre as I do, but as they were more from the musician side, rock and roll was the name of the game!

There were a lot of Asian people there as well, who were there to sell cheap instruments to beginners. So what can I say, this was heaven on earth for musicians and a must to visit at least once in a lifetime.

The label who invited me booked me a hotel at the last moment, but it was lovely www.roedelheimer-hof.de and we were lucky to have a hotel less than 10 minutes away from the conference. One of the things I was so amazed by in Frankfurt was the friendliness and hospitality of the German people, something that I didn’t expect.

In the first night the receptionist of my hotel recommended to us a local restaurant Loftage Restaurant Bistro and what can I tell you – I am going back there the next time I’m in Frankfurt! It was the most beautiful decoration, elegant and almost like a little palace but it was a warm and wonderful hospitality with delicious food – www.loftage.de

The gig itself was in one of the big halls, in a stand sponsored by the government for independent labels. There were different rock bands playing and I was told that I was the first female to play in the conference! When I heard the loudness of the voice, as a SOS plan I changed the set-list of the songs and I took the quiet and romantic ones from the list! The gig went very well but what can I tell you, I was counting the moment to leave as I didn’t take with me earplugs!

The next day I visited the Frankfurt town and we had magical weather and it was beautiful to walk by the River am Main. I went to visit the Jewish museum, which was by the river, it was nice to speak my language and recognize images there. Then, as always, I went to the shopping are and they have a very nice and long stretch of shops with incredible department stores.

When I was walking by the river there were many beautiful restaurants and because of the weather I really felt like I was on holiday.

The two days and change of atmosphere and the future looks great and I can’t wait to go back to Frankfurt!