Beauty Tips – I Love Chanel No. 5 & more

This is a short video about how to indulge yourself.  Some of my favourite products when I want to feel million dollars before an event, or special occasion. It can also be great idea for you if you would like to buy your lover the perfect gift.

In the video – I talk about Chanel No. 5 Soap, Chanel No. 5 Velvet Body Cream, Clarins – Beauty Flash Balm, Natura Bisse – Stimul-Eye Mask, Fashion – Almost Famous.


Proud to be British

Better late then never – Why the royal wedding made me proud to be British.

It was obvious to hear from different people around the country on TV on the Royal wedding day that they are proud to be British.

But I never believed that I as Israeli born, who served in the army would be so emotional and effected by the event, texting friends and family all day saying how proud I am to be British!

Those few hours explained to me what it was that made me change my life 14 years ago and leave my own country, family, friends, career and sunshine. I came to a country all by myself, I didn’t know more than two people and had to ‘fight’ the grey sky! It was probably the ability to express myself in music at the time, the melancholic classical compositions of the great composers which I changed to melodies and my inner optimism that made it possible for me to overcome the difficulties of the journey. But I now enjoy a fulfilled life in a place that I love, with a British husband that I love, and the fruit of my journey lead to my new album 72 Names.

For 14 years I had that inner conflict between being Israeli, as what represents Israeli people is the chutzpah and directness, to the frustration of the politeness of the English people where every last sentence has to have the ending of ‘by any chance?’ or ‘do you mind?’

On that day the penny dropped and I had no more resistance. I felt full admiration and respect to what my eyes saw, the order, the respect, the people in Hyde Park walking in their thousands with no pushing and the joy of the nation. As an ex-model and a women who loves fashion the ceremony in Westminster Abbey was the crème-de-la-crème of fashion and beauty.

Click here to see a video of my initiation of becoming British after 12 years wait