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72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 1: Introduction

July 18, 2011


I am inviting you to watch my video of the introduction to the campaign of my single 72 Names for 72 days of the biggest and most unique project in the world!

I am creating a 72-day campaign and I will look at the significance of the number 72. I am going to consider the use of the number in all situations of life, modern and historical, artistic and spiritual. Using my blog and social media channels I want to involve you in the campaign! Each day there will be new videos posted which will include interviews, ideas and challenges surrounding the number 72 to get you thinking and involved in the build up to the release of the single.

Activities that will be taking place will include such things as:
• A competition for people to create poems and blogs about their brush with the number 72.
• Competitions for people born in 1939 (72 years-old) being 39: does life begins at 40?
• Identifying the best 72 quotes of all time from film, plays, books, celebrities.
• Visiting RAF Squadron 72.
• Opportunity to let brands use the number 72 for advertising a product or a service for example; I will dine for £72, stay in hotel for £72 or a brand will give a 72% discount for a period of time for my great fans!

You will be able to keep track of the campaign via my social networking sites: Facebook: Tally Koren Twitter: @tallykoren Youtube: Tallykoren.

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