72 Names (Hallelujah) Day : 46 An opportunity for You to Make a Name for Yourself! – Rap Competition

This is your opportunity to have your voice and lyrics  heard  throughout the UK and be heard by millions of people. Receive professional constructive criticism from people who know their music and can turn dreams into reality.

Tally who is a London Fringe Award Winner of 2011 and her last single was played by Chris Evans, Graham Norton on the BBC Radio 2 playlist, feels that there is a big potential for her new single 72 Names (Hallelujah) to become a hip-hop edgy hit which could be taken to the world.

Tally is looking for a rapper either to create their own lyrics of the verses of the song or to use her words

We at Tck are looking to get your track on the radio so it must be ‘radio friendly’, we want to get you as a rapper heard by the  industry professionals.  With Tally’s heart warming vocals and the right creative direction from U.K Hip-Hop Heavyweight – Rising Son the winner of Sony’s “Rhyme With Nas” competition, will guide all applicants to make your track as good as it can be.

Every applicant will receive comments on their track and be given time to improve it before the final deadline, it gives you as an up and coming artist the chance to work to industry briefs and be guided by our industry professionals to help make progress your skills. The winner will receive studio time only and guidance from the team to create the potential next single for Tally Koren which will be promoted out the UK on national and regional radio stations.

The winner will be chosen by Tck Team, Tally Koren and Rising Son.

You have three weeks until 18th of September to submit your rap on the SoundCloud page.

To apply please go to http://www.tallykoren.com and enter relevant information where is says rapping competition. You will then be sent the lyric and  the backing track with Tally singing the chorus where you will be able to record your rap on the verses. You need to submit your track to


If the upload is before the 3 week deadline you will receive guidance on how to improve your track to make it better and more radio friendly.
The recording doesn’t need to be professionally mixed or recorded it’s the idea and spirit that we are looking for. If successful, it will be professionally mixed and mastered in a studio.
Everyone who enters WILL receive feedback from an industry professional, this your chance as a rapper to be heard. It only takes one person with authority within the industry to change your music career.

Tally’s words about the competition: “This is a very big opportunity for you but also me at the same time. As collaborations as such can create something unique and different and that’s what the world is looking for. I’m looking forward to hearing what you create!”

First Prize
The winner will receive studio time only to record their vocals and the final track will be released by Tck.


All files are the property of Tck Production(C) 2011 & made exclusively available for the sole purpose of the ’72 Names (Hallelujah) rapping competition’. Only one entry per person aged 16+.By downloading the backing track you enter the contest and agree to be bound by its terms and the judges’ final decision.
• The final track will be property of Tck Production and any commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent.
• Non-commercial use of rap IS allowed. You may post your work on your web page provided that correct credit is given to named artist and writers.


72 Names (Hallelujah) Day : 45 The Most Positive 72 Year Old Lady!

It was an inspiring afternoon for me meeting Ann, the 72-year-old birthday girl! In my search I was looking for the most positive 72-year-old person, to find someone who no matter what life brought to them, they kept smiling. I’m inviting you to watch this inspiring and entertaining video.

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72 Names (Hallelujah) : Day 44 72 Best Songs

In this video I’m inviting you to share with us your favourite song and I will compile a list of 72. Every song shared with us shall receive one of my songs free!

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72 Names (Hallelujah) : Day 43 George Hart Created A Structure From 72 Pencils – What Can You Do?

It’s amazing for me to see how an artist like George Hart created a work of art with the number 72. As someone that loves art and believes in creativity with no limits I’m inviting you to create something with the number 72. It can be a photograph, a painting, digital, video, anything!

You can find out more about George Hart: http://www.georgehart.com/sculpture/pencils.html

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72 Names (Hallelujah) : Day 42 Have You Heard About the Competition to Eat 72 Oz Steak in 1 Hour?

This is a very short video about a competition in America to eat 72 ounces of steak in a certain time. I’m not really sure why they chose the number 72 and I’m really not suggesting that you should do it but it’s funny what types of things happen in the world! I myself am planning to do it but I will let you know what happens.

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72 Names (Hallelujah) Day : 41 Apple Mac – 72 DPI

A short video about the connection of number 72 and Apple Mac.

DPI is used to describe the resolution number of dots per inch in a digital print and the printing resolution of a hard copy print dot gain; the increase in the size of the halftone dots during printing. This is caused by the spreading of ink on the surface of the media.

Since the 1980s, the Microsoft Windows operating system has set the default display “DPI” to 96 PPI, while Apple/Macintosh computers have used a default of 72 PPl.

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72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 40 : Creating From Nothing Manifesto 6

I’d like to share with you my journey as a singer-songwriter doing everything by myself (DIY) the journey of my new single campaign.

This is the fourth week of my campaign, creating from nothing. In this video I share with you the development of my campaign.

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