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72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 28 : My Spirtual Journey & Why I Chose 72 Names to be the Title of My Album

August 13, 2011

In this video I’m sharing with you a bit of my long spiritual journey. It started from Eastern philosophy, meditation, yoga, Sai Baba, doing healing as Reiki, mystic therapy. Then I discovered that close to my roots there is much to find in Jewish Mysticism and I started to study the Kabbala.

I started with Doctor Tali Loewenthal studying the Hasidic texts of the Tanya book.  Then I had some classes with Rabbi Tatz. and my favourite teacher Jeremy Rosen who was the Rabbi of Yakar,  as he combines Kabbala, philosophy and psychology  in a very deep but also practical way. Then I studied two courses with the Kabbala Centre which is known to the world as a lot of celebrities like Madonna, Jerry Hall and many more have studied there.
Then life took me to do a degree of BA in Jewish studies which I was exposed to the holiest texts in Kabbala like the book of creation and the Zohar but also study philosopher as  Maimonides, Ramban, Spinoza  Martin Buber.  On the course I studied the history of Kabbala and  the academic side of the way it all developed. All this mixture of knowledge brought me to a very balanced way of seeing life and please join in and watch my video.

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