72 Names (Hallelujah) Day : 53 El Hayam – The First Version of my Single in Hebrew

My single started from the Hebrew version El Hayam (into the sea). When I was looking for inspiration to write a song about water and I opened the bible at Exodus 14 when I saw the text of Moses splitting the sea, and the rest is history! The text immediately inspired me to write the melody. I always believe that where there is a good text it will lead to a good melody. Although I am very attached to the English version of the single I had to go and record the vocals in Hebrew in this production as at the end of the day, I’m Israeli and Hebrew is my native language and it always feels like home to go back to your roots.

The song 72 Names sang in Hebrew, Spanish, English and very soon Arabic.

To claim your free download go to http://www.tallykoren.com

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Published by

Tally Koren

International award-winning singer-songwriter is starting to make waves around the globe. She has been receiving great critical acclaim for her recent performances including the ‘Tate Britain’, the ‘Marbella Film Festival’, the ‘House of Lords’. A BBC Radio 2 playlist artist and the Fringe Award Winner for‘Best Singer-Songwriter’ 2011 Tally’s music has been featured on radio by Chris Evans, Graham Norton, and more In addition Tally is very passionate of using her music to build bridges between Israelis and Palestinians and has recently received a prestigious award as an “Ambassador for Peace” in the House of Commons.

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