72 Names (Hallelujah) Day :71 Selection of Subjects Related to the Number 72 – Day before the End!

This is a short video a day before the end of 72 days journey, with filming different things related to the number 72 and my new single campaign. There is more information below with their related websites.

1. No. 72 Squadron Royal Air Force started its service life supporting the army during World War I on operations in the Middle East. In its second incarnation the squadron was a real fighter unit during the Battle of Britain. The jets went in 1961 and from then til 2002 the squadron flew helicopters in the transport role http://72squadronassociation.webs.com/

2. 72 football clubs in The Football League. Founded in 1888 it is the oldest competition in the world. It was the top level football league in England from its foundation in the 19th century until 1992, when the top 20 clubs split away to form the Premier League.

Since 1995 it has had 72 clubs evenly divided into three divisions, which are known as The Championship, League One, and League Two.

Here’s more information about local football association SLNF. If your hobby is football and you want to join in when it suites you, but you do not want to commit yourself to any team or for long periods of time, then our casual football sessions are for you. Join our ever-growing group of footballers, who come down and play. You can play as many times as you want or keep things to a minimum and play once a month! You’re in control http://www.slfn.co.uk/index.php/page/show/2

3. Route 72 – Hadrian’s Cycleway 
is a 174 mile long distance cycle route developed by Sustrans in partnership with Cumbria. Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail is an unbroken 84 mile sign posted trail stretching from coast to coast, from Wallsend in the east to Bowness-on-solway in the west.

It passes through some of the most beautiful parts of England – from rolling fields and rugged moorland to the vibrant cities of Newcastle.

The Trail, with links to over 80 short walks, is suitable for people of all ages with opportunities for lessabled access to many stretches of the Wall. It is ideal for day visits, short breaks or a week-long holiday. http://www.cycle-routes.org/hadrianscycleway/

4. Par 72 Golf. The word “par” (as in “par-3”) is a term in the game of golf used to denote the pre-determined number of strokes that a scratch golfer should require to complete a hole, a round or a tournament (the sum of the pars of each round). Typical championship golf courses have par values of 72, comprising four par-threes, ten par-fours, and four par-fives.

A golfer’s score is compared with the par score. If a course has a par of 72 and a golfer takes 75 strokes to complete the course, the golfer’s reported score is +3, or “three over par”.

5. We love 72 is the most cool advert agency, a home for creative storytellers… crafting intelligent strategies. Find out more http://www.welove72.com

6. Number 72 is The Family and Community Network in Sudbury, Suffolk which provides family support services http://www.number72.org

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Tally Koren

International award-winning singer-songwriter is starting to make waves around the globe. She has been receiving great critical acclaim for her recent performances including the ‘Tate Britain’, the ‘Marbella Film Festival’, the ‘House of Lords’. A BBC Radio 2 playlist artist and the Fringe Award Winner for‘Best Singer-Songwriter’ 2011 Tally’s music has been featured on radio by Chris Evans, Graham Norton, and more In addition Tally is very passionate of using her music to build bridges between Israelis and Palestinians and has recently received a prestigious award as an “Ambassador for Peace” in the House of Commons.

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