Miracle 3 – Calling You

Calling You is known to be the song that caused me the biggest miracle in my life, meeting my husband. It was a very cold winter evening when I was in the studio and I asked my producer Phil Curran after our session to play a few chords as I feel like writing a song. It was probably a real yearning for finding the love that I was so much looking for and because I felt so lonely in the UK, which is not my home place, which made the angel hear me.

‘I’m calling you now I’m alone, I’m calling you my angel make me strong’.

After a few weeks of writing the song I met (the angel) who after a very short time became my husband.


Greener World

In the last few years the World had become much more ‘green’ conscious. Supermarkets and other shops are selling a bag for a life-time, famous people are constantly supporting charity events and the news provides us with coverage about Green ‘initiatives’.

I thought I was doing my bit but realised my awareness was very small about the subject until my friend Sabina Lucia invited me to a wonderful event in a delightful health shop in Kew Gardens – Oliver’s. We had the privilege to watch the movie ‘Plastic Shores’ by Ed Scott- Clarke for the first time. The event was sponsored by Greener Upon Thames and it started with a talk by fabulous guest speaker Roz Savage – National Geographic Adventurer of the year. Roz was a very interesting lady with such a beautiful character and she described her journey’s as a lone yacht-woman and the importance of bottled water. What was especially impressive was how she said that ‘one stroke in the water doesn’t lead anywhere but millions will take you from country to country and this is the same with bottles of water as each one counts although we can’t really see the difference’.

The movie was about one hour long and covered the subject in a very profound way by showing the growth of the plastic industry in our society and how it’s effecting us all today. She talked about the dangers of the countless plastic bottles in the sea that she encountered and how fish are effected by them. I think for all of us the movie gave us so much information but also practical advice about recycling and the need to take the protection of our Planet seriously. This helped me to realize how important this subject is and how just little things that I do can influence the World to be a healthier and Greener place. We all got as a gift a lifetime bag and I have been using it almost every time I go shopping!

For more information : http://greeneruponthames.org/

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Spa Holiday in Goa

Last Christmas I took a seven day holiday in an amazing Spa Hotel in Goa – The Park Hyatt.

As I have a holistic approach to life I asked my husband to go to a Spa hotel rather than our traditional beach holiday. It proved to be the best holiday we’ve ever had and I benefited from a relaxing state of mind and body together with the glorious sunshine and the beautiful Goan cuisine.

My husband and I have travelled extensively, but this was the first time we have visited a Spa Resort and it made an interesting change. I booked the holiday through Flight Centre East Sheen and the great service and friendliness started before even going away. Robyn from Flight Centre found us the the luxurious hotel, set in sixty-four acres of manicured gardens and carefully designed lagoons, pools and restaurants there was a strong impression of space and quietness. The facilities and attention to detail in the beautiful rooms was everything you would expect from a sophisticated 5 star resort with a wide range of relaxing treatments to choose from at the Spa and expert tutorage in the Yoga classes. I took 3 private Yoga classes for the price of one private class in the UK and I could see a change in my body and suppleness in few days. I felt clearer and more focused and my appetite changed.

Since then I am still enjoying the benefits of my treatments and my focus on more nutritional and nourishing ingredients in my food.