London – The Perfect Weekend !


Sometimes you don’t need to travel far to have a great weekend. Traveling usually takes at least 2 days off your vacation anyway. For a moment we forget that London is one of the biggest tourist attraction for tourists and it has so much to offer but I never like to go to too restaurants or attractions that are too touristy. 

Earlier in the year I had the most amazing weekend in London celebrating my husband’s birthday. We booked a hotel in the West End and it was so nice to be there as a ‘tourist’. We started our evening with a drink at the Savoy Hotel, it was the first time I visited it since the refurbishment. It’s very elegant and beautiful and no wonder where did the Millions of the renovation went for.

We ordered champagne cocktails at the Beaufort Bar . It was very tasty and was delivered nicely but I must say that the vibe in the bar was a bit cold. So after few drinks we decided to go to one of the best restaurants in London The Wolseley – it’s always hard to get a table if you don’t book a few weeks in advance or have got personal connections with them but if you arrive later, around 10pm, there’s a very good chance that you will get a table.

We ate a few of their delicious starters and we had a few drinks and it was a nice evening. When we left the restaurant a group of paparazzi were waiting outside to take photos , we thought it was for us but it was for the iconic model Twiggy , who is in her sixties now and still looks amazing!

The next day we had a reservation at the Ivy, which is also one of the best restaurants in London.  Long time in advance to get a table but the best of the best !


                                              The most tasty desert  – at the Ivy

After the Ivy we went to watch the famous play The Mousetrap  opposite the restaurant in St. Martin’s Theatre it was a perfect ending .



All We Need is Love – Olympics Reflections

All We Need is Love –  Olympics Reflections 

I hope you all enjoyed watching the Olympics, for me the athletics, the swimming and the diving were the main highlights. It brought back to me great memories of when I was the fastest girl in school in which the climax of my running was when I achieved 8.7 in the 60 metres while I was competing with the fastest boy in school and we got the same result. I wish I had a camera at the time to film the expression of my excitement, I took the laces off my trainers and tore them apart.

I never managed to achieve that speed again as we moved to Mexico city, which is a very high place and it was difficult for me to run, but the fire stayed inside me for all those years and slowly turned into singing and writing songs. The Olympic gold medals

Winners showed me one single thing;  how much training is the first basic thing  to succeed but  support  and love are the essential ingredient  to achieve something in life.

We could see on TV how  the strong connection between  Andy Murray and Michael Phelps mothers  and  the stories of all the other champions with their supportive families .

The GB team succeed beyond our expectations  and they all say of how  much the support and love of the  audience affected them.

Last night their was a programme of the best moments in football and there was an unbelievable moment when Paolo Di Canio from West Ham at the past got grumpy with the team and sat down on the field refusing to play .

Suddenly all the crowd started to sing his name and it was like super man suddenly putting his armour on and he just woke up and played like he never played before and scored immediate goals. It was clear as crystal how the crowd effected him.

For me as an independent artist you are the support  & off course my sweet husband – every comment, every like , spreading the word, download my music and especially your personal emails give me the drive to keep doing what I love so much .

Thank You !