Over a year ago if you remember I

Over a year ago if you remember I did a competition so my fans could decide what would be my first single.

The first prize would be me  singing for the Winner at any occasion or venue of their choice .

A winner was announced but I heard nothing from them . 

They had chosen Beauty of the Duty and it went straight into the radio 2 playlist as was played my Chris Evans , Janis Long and Graham Norton

Then over a year later and the suddenly out of the blue , the winner contacted me.

This wonderful Spanish girl called Pillar called to ask if she could claim her prize by me singing at her wedding .


I of course agreed and was invited on Saturday to the most beautiful colorful wedding you could imagine with hundreds of wonderful people of all Nationalities and cultures.

Pillar is a successful and talented artist and had decorated everything amazingly with handmade gifts for everyone. I chose three songs for her starting with the single Beauty of the Duty, but the sound system failed and I was left singing the rest almost acapella.


The show must go on as the saying goes and I sang a song i wrote for my own Wedding Day ‘A love song for you’ which went wonderfully well and third song  I sang in Spanish.

So many of Pillar’s family had come from Spain  to see her getting married, so I used my time when i lived in Mexico as a model to good use by singing  ‘Free Will’ in their language.

After the show everyone was so complimentary and sympathetic about the sound system and one of the Celebrity guests – Roger Taylor (the drummer of Queen) laughingly suggested I should have a full time professional sound man with me for such annoying situations- – never a truer word is said in jest!

Always have the best sound engineer with you – something to aim for ! 

I want to thank Pillar and her lovely husband Yaw for welcoming me so generously to their Wedding and wish them a long and happy marriage together.