It is wonderful to reflect on the year and to look forward to the new year of 2017
and to thank many people that have made this year so special for me.
I started 2016 by filming the video for my song “Free Will”.
It was directed by Charles H. Joslain and we completed it recently, after an idea by my husband Simon, showing the story of me as a little girl sitting at the piano and demonstrating my own Free Will and growing into the women that I am today.

My husband was inspired by a photo we found of me sitting at a piano as a child
and it’s a nice closure for me.

Press on the photo to watch the video of ‘Free Will’ –


A big thank you to Rupert Truman who filmed the new footages of the piano and as always capturing my journey this year through photographs.

Thanks to Charles Joslain and his team at the Central Film School.
Thanks to Gagik Karagheuzian for editing the video which, coincidentally was completed on the very same day that I composed the song on Christmas Eve all those years ago.

This year, the Jewish Festival Hanukkah also fell on Christmas Eve and is a perfect time to bring the message of celebrating light that the message of the song is all about.


In 2016 I released my single ‘A Love Song For You’ from the album of the same name.
The song was written as a surprise for my husband on our wedding day and I co-wrote it with Barry Upton, who has achieved global success with hits over the last three decades.

tally-koren-a-love-song-for-you_single_itunesThe wonderful Regional Radio team of Hart Media were involved in the campagne, spearheaded by the vibrant Jo Hart who introduced me to Cat Hockley from Fifth Element PR – thank you. It was also a real pleasure working with the National Radio promotersLisa Davis and Mike Armstrong.


For the release of the single I re-edited the video of the song with the help of Boyd Skinner who has been so loyal to me throughout the years – thanks Boyd!
The video premier was featured on the front page of the Female First magazine.

press on the photo to watch the wedding video :

I was also invited by the TV station London Live for a thirty minute interview
with Vanessa Baffoe.

press on the photo to watch the interview:12928298_860467867409272_8600419452400050743_nThanks must also go to Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali for inviting me to speak at the House of Lords about Peace and Reconciliation.
This subject is so very important to me, though as a singer, it is easier for me to sing than to talk, so my heart was beating extra beats, especially after hearing the oratory talents
of Lords Eames OM. The biggest surprise for me was when Lord Eames concluded the meeting by saying that he was touched by my speech. So filled with Israeli Chutzpah, I spoke to him at the end and told him about my vision to have an event and to invite influential women from different Nationalities and Professions from around the World to discuss peace and to show the strength of the women through simple communication and to emphasise the
similarities of our cultures.

with Lord Eames.jpg

The event did happen and I would like to thank Lord Eames with all my heart for giving me that opportunity and believing in my vision of putting the emphasis
on building bridges.

I also had a very inspiring event on International Women’s day and would like to thank the main speakers Baroness Blood, the former Mayor of Enfield, Katie Anula the Palestinian Women’s right activist Ahalam Akram. We were entertained by the Bristol TV stars Livvy and Chrissie.

I have edited a special version of my song Free Will , starting with the piano version and ending with the Latin version in the hope that it will make everyone dance.

press on the photo to watch my performance of Free Will at the House of Lords


The launch of my album ‘A Love Song For You’ was at the heart of Piccadilly with great musicians and great guests, so I’d like to thank everyone who was there and especially Phil Curran who co produced the album with me.

For the first time in history  I used the words of Mozart himself from a letter that he wrote to his wife when and  made my own adaptation –   ‘One Million Kisses’ – to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23, K.488

To watch the performance at the Launch Event press on the photo:


I had a lovely birthday gift in May from my Lebanese friend, the journalist and actress Lina Kay and accompanied her to the Queens Palace Garden Party and it was a day to remember.

To read the full blog with special tips of how to get ready  for the Queens Palace Garden Party press on the photo:


In July I was invited again to Birmingham to perform in front of the
Muslim Women’s charity BTM.
It was an important event and I recieved such a very warm welcome and I would love to thank Davinder Prasad from BOPA for inviting me to sing not only there but at other events in the Midlands.
In August I was very privileged to be on the stage at the Shalom festival in Edinburgh and sing Jerusalem of Gold amongst other songs. It was very special for me to be at this Festival as a former fringe award winner but especially for the importance of its statement. Special thanks to Nigel Gooddrich for organising such an event.

To watch the performance  of Jerusalem of Gold at the Shalom Festival press on the photo:


Thanks to the Director Arnie Voysey of the video ‘Just Want to be Loved by You’
The video illustrates the life of a women captured in a golden cage and breaking out to became a free women and it was featured in Music Week.

Patricia Teitelbaum deserves special thanks too for inviting me In October to sing at the Antwerp Peace Festival and to my musicians Dean Ross and Antonio Soto who accompanied me. Standing on the stage in the heart of the City singing Hatikvah was a very emotional moment in my year.
In November I met with the Archbishop of York at his Palace and what an inspiring man he is. He kindly presented me with a signed copy of his latest book Agape Love Stories which you really should read.

On the same day I met with Steve Kay, the winner of a competition I was running in September, who is a fan and supports me through social media. We met in York and it was good to hear his feedback about my music .
It was lovely to be involved in important Charity events throughour the year and singing raises peoples hearts, so I would like to thank Keith Best for taking both myself and Kate Anoula back to Enfield – a town were I lived first when I came to London.


Thanks for my friend Barbara Dingle who introduced me to many people this year and to Bota Hopkins who invited me to sing at the Lansdowne Members club for a Christmas reception with prestigious guests including HRH Princess Katherine Karađorđević and Prince Mohsin Ali Khan of Hayderabad.


photo above by Oliver Oxygen Visuals

img_2404-copyphoto by Natalia Kolosova

I thank and I bless every moment of this year and feel very excited about next year.
Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you’ll be inspired by my song ‘Free Will’ to choose moments that are best for you and for the World!

It’s time to say goodbye to – 72 Names !

Since 2010 my life was all around my first album 72 Names .

Although I had before an album with collection of songs based on the most know classical melodies – Timeless Melodies .

72 Names  album was my first album as an artist with my own melodies and words .

As an independent artist I feel so proud of what I manage to achieve and how much I learn from it.

  It’s only when you jumped to a deep water that you learn how to swim .

I learn so much about promotion , radio pluggers, public relation , production , social media ,radio,  playlist and more.

I had few critics that wrote about the album that it had allot of potential  and I am a good singer but the main criticism was that it was collection of songs with different  directions .

I completely agree with that claim as it was my intention to put collection of my best songs together and I can’t help it that I am a lady with many hats .

Looking back, yes it might be easier to market it with only one style but as I wrote in my song – Calling You

” I never look back , I never regret ”  I learn through  the different styles what I really love and who are my real audience.

And  its time to move on to something new , so Watch out for my new project !

Short video of the making of  Calling  You video  that have reached over 70000 hits by

Director Brad Watson

Thanks for all the support !

The video of the Mona Lisa came to me like a gift from heaven! I read that an art historian in Italy had found that the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci who painted the Mona Lisa had the number 72 in the background.

From that moment and in less than a week of the discovery I found myself in Rome doing an interview on TV with Silvano Vinceti president of Italy’s National Committee for Culture.

Almost as another miracle a young Italian woman sent us her bio to work on the 72 days campaign. After a 10 minute interview I knew that I would like her to be a part of it but more than that I gave her the mission to arrange the interview with Silvano and she herself, Fabiola Miccone is the translator and the one who got me the interview.

The most important thing for me was to find that Leonardo da Vinci was very much into kabbala and I learnt about his mystical side for the first time. in the video I also include a short clip from Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN
NUMEROLOGIST about the subject.

I hope you enjoy the video.

You can download the single from iTunes via this link

Or, Amazon via this link:

This competition is about writing the best poem with 72 words. I found out in my long experience as a writer that the art of writing good lyrics is to be able in 3 minutes to share an emotion, while when creating a film you need over 90 minutes sometimes! I would like to invite you to write a sing with 72 words and I will compose the song of the winning lyrics. The 72 does not need to included repeated choruses, just the idea.

1st Prize — The winner’s poem will go on to be will be composed by me & share 50% of the publishing of the new song.

2nd Prize — An invite to the single launch party.

3rd Prize — signed copy of 72 Names (Hallelujah)

Please submit your poem by the 18.9.11 to

Everyone who enters gets a free download. To claim it go to

I’d like to share with you my journey as a singer-songwriter doing everything by myself (DIY) the journey of my new single campaign.

This is the sixth week of my campaign, creating from nothing. In this video I share with you the development of my campaign.

To claim your free download go to

It’s amazing for me to see how an artist like George Hart created a work of art with the number 72. As someone that loves art and believes in creativity with no limits I’m inviting you to create something with the number 72. It can be a photograph, a painting, digital, video, anything!

You can find out more about George Hart:

Everybody that enters gets a free download, please go to

This is the second week of my campaign and what I like about life and creativity is that you can have an idea which is the seed which then develops into something more concrete. There’s still much more to go for me in the campaign and to achieve but at least in this video I can show you some progress and introduce my team.

This video and blog is about one of the most fascinating subjects numerology which is the world of numbers and how they effect our life. According to numerology, every number has a different vibration.

I had the privilege to interview Sonia Ducie, a numerologist and an author, and has written 11 books on the subject. In the video Sonia discusses numerology and analyses the total number of my new single 72 Names (Hallelujah) and what its purpose and meaning is.

The interview was held at The Connaissance School and The Royston Cave Shop.

For more information about her work please visit / Facebook: Tallykoren / Twitter @tallykoren

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world which I’ve visited on many different occasions, here are a few tips from my recent visit.

1. For the first time I made a mistake when I booked my Eurostar but didn’t book it as a package with my hotel! From not the best experience of not finding any hotel and finding 3* hotels which cost over 300 euros I would like to give you an important tip for any town that you might visit in the world – check that there is no big event or festival when you are going to be there! As if any event, such as Paris Fashion Week you will end up playing triple the price; if you can even get a room! But also if it’s a festival a lot of the attractions are sometimes closed.

2. Always go to an area that you know or have been recommended by someone. For me to recommend a restaurant in Paris is almost impossible as the food is always so good in any little café or a big restaurant. But I do have two recommendations. The first is the restaurant ‘Bel Canto’ which is a three-course meal with entertainment of opera, perfect for opera lovers! The second restaurant, where I ate the best omlette in the world, is on the rue Franklin Roosevelt which is opposite the Science Museum. There is only one place so sophisticated – you won’t miss it!

A new area which I discovered this time was the Latin Quarter which is full of life. It has a local market on a Sunday, with people playing music in the piazza and is a lot more authentic than the tourist orientated areas. Also, there is the Mare, which is my favourite area in Paris and it has the Picasso museum, a lot of trendy shops and cozy cafes and there’s always a great atmosphere.

On the day of my show I was informed that the manager of Gipsy Kings Michel Crupel and Raymond Gonzalez who was the manager of the late Nina Simone were coming to see me! Which gave me a few more butterflies but it was a nice ending to my wonderful trip to Paris.

Following my performance Rabbi Nathan Alferd who is a Rabbi in Belgium and Luxembourg came to say hello to me. Nathan was doing his rabbinic studies at Leo Baeck Centre University and was in the class where I studied for my BA in Jewish Studies!


I am inviting you to watch my video of the introduction to the campaign of my single 72 Names for 72 days of the biggest and most unique project in the world!

I am creating a 72-day campaign and I will look at the significance of the number 72. I am going to consider the use of the number in all situations of life, modern and historical, artistic and spiritual. Using my blog and social media channels I want to involve you in the campaign! Each day there will be new videos posted which will include interviews, ideas and challenges surrounding the number 72 to get you thinking and involved in the build up to the release of the single.

Activities that will be taking place will include such things as:
• A competition for people to create poems and blogs about their brush with the number 72.
• Competitions for people born in 1939 (72 years-old) being 39: does life begins at 40?
• Identifying the best 72 quotes of all time from film, plays, books, celebrities.
• Visiting RAF Squadron 72.
• Opportunity to let brands use the number 72 for advertising a product or a service for example; I will dine for £72, stay in hotel for £72 or a brand will give a 72% discount for a period of time for my great fans!

You will be able to keep track of the campaign via my social networking sites: Facebook: Tally Koren Twitter: @tallykoren Youtube: Tallykoren.