Looking Back at 2016 & Happy New Year!

It is wonderful to reflect on the year and to look forward to the new year of 2017
and to thank many people that have made this year so special for me.
I started 2016 by filming the video for my song “Free Will”.
It was directed by Charles H. Joslain and we completed it recently, after an idea by my husband Simon, showing the story of me as a little girl sitting at the piano and demonstrating my own Free Will and growing into the women that I am today.

My husband was inspired by a photo we found of me sitting at a piano as a child
and it’s a nice closure for me.

Press on the photo to watch the video of ‘Free Will’ –


A big thank you to Rupert Truman who filmed the new footages of the piano and as always capturing my journey this year through photographs.

Thanks to Charles Joslain and his team at the Central Film School.
Thanks to Gagik Karagheuzian for editing the video which, coincidentally was completed on the very same day that I composed the song on Christmas Eve all those years ago.

This year, the Jewish Festival Hanukkah also fell on Christmas Eve and is a perfect time to bring the message of celebrating light that the message of the song is all about.


In 2016 I released my single ‘A Love Song For You’ from the album of the same name.
The song was written as a surprise for my husband on our wedding day and I co-wrote it with Barry Upton, who has achieved global success with hits over the last three decades.

tally-koren-a-love-song-for-you_single_itunesThe wonderful Regional Radio team of Hart Media were involved in the campagne, spearheaded by the vibrant Jo Hart who introduced me to Cat Hockley from Fifth Element PR – thank you. It was also a real pleasure working with the National Radio promotersLisa Davis and Mike Armstrong.


For the release of the single I re-edited the video of the song with the help of Boyd Skinner who has been so loyal to me throughout the years – thanks Boyd!
The video premier was featured on the front page of the Female First magazine.

press on the photo to watch the wedding video :

I was also invited by the TV station London Live for a thirty minute interview
with Vanessa Baffoe.

press on the photo to watch the interview:12928298_860467867409272_8600419452400050743_nThanks must also go to Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali for inviting me to speak at the House of Lords about Peace and Reconciliation.
This subject is so very important to me, though as a singer, it is easier for me to sing than to talk, so my heart was beating extra beats, especially after hearing the oratory talents
of Lords Eames OM. The biggest surprise for me was when Lord Eames concluded the meeting by saying that he was touched by my speech. So filled with Israeli Chutzpah, I spoke to him at the end and told him about my vision to have an event and to invite influential women from different Nationalities and Professions from around the World to discuss peace and to show the strength of the women through simple communication and to emphasise the
similarities of our cultures.

with Lord Eames.jpg

The event did happen and I would like to thank Lord Eames with all my heart for giving me that opportunity and believing in my vision of putting the emphasis
on building bridges.

I also had a very inspiring event on International Women’s day and would like to thank the main speakers Baroness Blood, the former Mayor of Enfield, Katie Anula the Palestinian Women’s right activist Ahalam Akram. We were entertained by the Bristol TV stars Livvy and Chrissie.

I have edited a special version of my song Free Will , starting with the piano version and ending with the Latin version in the hope that it will make everyone dance.

press on the photo to watch my performance of Free Will at the House of Lords


The launch of my album ‘A Love Song For You’ was at the heart of Piccadilly with great musicians and great guests, so I’d like to thank everyone who was there and especially Phil Curran who co produced the album with me.

For the first time in history  I used the words of Mozart himself from a letter that he wrote to his wife when and  made my own adaptation –   ‘One Million Kisses’ – to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23, K.488

To watch the performance at the Launch Event press on the photo:


I had a lovely birthday gift in May from my Lebanese friend, the journalist and actress Lina Kay and accompanied her to the Queens Palace Garden Party and it was a day to remember.

To read the full blog with special tips of how to get ready  for the Queens Palace Garden Party press on the photo:


In July I was invited again to Birmingham to perform in front of the
Muslim Women’s charity BTM.
It was an important event and I recieved such a very warm welcome and I would love to thank Davinder Prasad from BOPA for inviting me to sing not only there but at other events in the Midlands.
In August I was very privileged to be on the stage at the Shalom festival in Edinburgh and sing Jerusalem of Gold amongst other songs. It was very special for me to be at this Festival as a former fringe award winner but especially for the importance of its statement. Special thanks to Nigel Gooddrich for organising such an event.

To watch the performance  of Jerusalem of Gold at the Shalom Festival press on the photo:


Thanks to the Director Arnie Voysey of the video ‘Just Want to be Loved by You’
The video illustrates the life of a women captured in a golden cage and breaking out to became a free women and it was featured in Music Week.

Patricia Teitelbaum deserves special thanks too for inviting me In October to sing at the Antwerp Peace Festival and to my musicians Dean Ross and Antonio Soto who accompanied me. Standing on the stage in the heart of the City singing Hatikvah was a very emotional moment in my year.
In November I met with the Archbishop of York at his Palace and what an inspiring man he is. He kindly presented me with a signed copy of his latest book Agape Love Stories which you really should read.

On the same day I met with Steve Kay, the winner of a competition I was running in September, who is a fan and supports me through social media. We met in York and it was good to hear his feedback about my music .
It was lovely to be involved in important Charity events throughour the year and singing raises peoples hearts, so I would like to thank Keith Best for taking both myself and Kate Anoula back to Enfield – a town were I lived first when I came to London.


Thanks for my friend Barbara Dingle who introduced me to many people this year and to Bota Hopkins who invited me to sing at the Lansdowne Members club for a Christmas reception with prestigious guests including HRH Princess Katherine Karađorđević and Prince Mohsin Ali Khan of Hayderabad.


photo above by Oliver Oxygen Visuals

img_2404-copyphoto by Natalia Kolosova

I thank and I bless every moment of this year and feel very excited about next year.
Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you’ll be inspired by my song ‘Free Will’ to choose moments that are best for you and for the World!


It’s time to say goodbye to – 72 Names !

It’s time to say goodbye to – 72 Names !

Since 2010 my life was all around my first album 72 Names .

Although I had before an album with collection of songs based on the most know classical melodies – Timeless Melodies .

72 Names  album was my first album as an artist with my own melodies and words .

As an independent artist I feel so proud of what I manage to achieve and how much I learn from it.

  It’s only when you jumped to a deep water that you learn how to swim .

I learn so much about promotion , radio pluggers, public relation , production , social media ,radio,  playlist and more.

I had few critics that wrote about the album that it had allot of potential  and I am a good singer but the main criticism was that it was collection of songs with different  directions .

I completely agree with that claim as it was my intention to put collection of my best songs together and I can’t help it that I am a lady with many hats .

Looking back, yes it might be easier to market it with only one style but as I wrote in my song – Calling You

” I never look back , I never regret ”  I learn through  the different styles what I really love and who are my real audience.

And  its time to move on to something new , so Watch out for my new project !

Short video of the making of  Calling  You video  that have reached over 70000 hits by

Director Brad Watson

Thanks for all the support !

My visit to Germany

I was invited by German label FGS to come and play in Frankfurt on the 7th April. It was my first gig in Germany and I was very excited. I flew with Lufthansa in the morning direct to the Musik Messe conference the place of the gig and in less than one hour I was in a different life to the UK.

I must say the seats in the airplanes were very comfortable but I was very surprised by the airline’s hospitality only giving a muffin and an apple slice during the two journeys! But once I arrived the delicious German food, especially the sandwiches, compensated for my hunger!

When I came to the music conference I had the surprise of my life, the conference in Frankfurt can contain 50,000 people and is one of the largest in the world! To get from building to building there was a shuttle bus. When I got to the hall I was taken away by all of the instruments, all of the guitars and cellos but less comfortable for the ears were all of the amplifiers, which were all being played at once!

It was a very interesting view for me as a singer-songwriter to see over 20,000 people who occupy the same genre as I do, but as they were more from the musician side, rock and roll was the name of the game!

There were a lot of Asian people there as well, who were there to sell cheap instruments to beginners. So what can I say, this was heaven on earth for musicians and a must to visit at least once in a lifetime.

The label who invited me booked me a hotel at the last moment, but it was lovely www.roedelheimer-hof.de and we were lucky to have a hotel less than 10 minutes away from the conference. One of the things I was so amazed by in Frankfurt was the friendliness and hospitality of the German people, something that I didn’t expect.

In the first night the receptionist of my hotel recommended to us a local restaurant Loftage Restaurant Bistro and what can I tell you – I am going back there the next time I’m in Frankfurt! It was the most beautiful decoration, elegant and almost like a little palace but it was a warm and wonderful hospitality with delicious food – www.loftage.de

The gig itself was in one of the big halls, in a stand sponsored by the government for independent labels. There were different rock bands playing and I was told that I was the first female to play in the conference! When I heard the loudness of the voice, as a SOS plan I changed the set-list of the songs and I took the quiet and romantic ones from the list! The gig went very well but what can I tell you, I was counting the moment to leave as I didn’t take with me earplugs!

The next day I visited the Frankfurt town and we had magical weather and it was beautiful to walk by the River am Main. I went to visit the Jewish museum, which was by the river, it was nice to speak my language and recognize images there. Then, as always, I went to the shopping are and they have a very nice and long stretch of shops with incredible department stores.

When I was walking by the river there were many beautiful restaurants and because of the weather I really felt like I was on holiday.

The two days and change of atmosphere and the future looks great and I can’t wait to go back to Frankfurt!

The London Fringe Award For Best Singer & Songwriter 2011

The Ceremony of the London Fringe Awards and Honour of to receiving the

Award for Best Singer & Songwriter 2011

Timing is everything – to be in the right time t the right place . in Hebrew the word  Luck is Mazal .

If we take the Hebrew  letters of M, Z , L .

M =  stands for Makom – place

Z  =  stands for Zman – time

L = stands for Lhiot – to be

To be in the right time at the right place that is what the word luck means.

So all that long introduction is of how amazed I was that the Single official release was exactly on the day of receiving the Award. I think I was almost in a state of shock on the stage, although I didn’t show it.

Although I knew that its a Fringe Award, I couldn’t not wear a long black dress and feel like I am  in the Oscar…

The dress that I wear was a vintage dress which I took to a taylor to make it fit better. The secret is sometimes to buy dresses and change them as you like to get the right design for you.

We came on time to the event and I could feel my legs started to shake when I saw the amount of people – over 400. I never spoke before so many people. Although for a week I was talking to my self getting the speech right, I was so excited about it. Wrongly I typed it and printed before going.

The editor on his introduction of the evening asked me to have 60 second speech that put me into a more relaxed mood. My husband Simon Edwards which is the best coach in the world, told me not to mind about it and just read but unfortunately I didn’t listen to him.

Then I came to the stage all smiling but suddenly I felt that I am super excited. I also plan to sing few lines of the single as its words talks about ” The only thing that hold you back is you ” and  I managed to sing it twice.

Finally as I wanted to be quick I cut allot of names and the thanks I had in my mind,  so like to take the opportunity to Thanks – John Park the editor for believing in me all those years.

Ruth Deiches the best acting teacher in the world and my best friend that thought me so much and followed me from the first song I sang.

My friend and lyricist Joel Rockman that helped me from first week that I came to London 14 years ago. Boyd that is the most loyal camera man and know always how to get me right in video – as I am such a fussy person

Alison Lamb for all the help since my album 72 Names came out

Fraser Scott Lee for writing that beautiful poem that I turn to be the song – Beauty of the Duty.

Off course I thanks all of you my friends and fan that gives me all the time the great feedbacks to continue and now I am getting rewards of hard work.

All the music promoters and pr  – Neil  Ashby  for National radio that brought the single to radio 2 !

Hart Media that brought the single to over 39  radio stations in the regions playlist

Quiet Great Pr for all the hard work and the press coverage !

After the speech I drank the first glass of red wine and then the party started….not sure how many I had but I felt the celebration in the air.

It was such an amazing night and I was so privilege to win award among such talented directors, actors, comedian and real beautiful people.

Click to watch the speech:

A late blog from my trip to the Geneva peace festival

I had an amazing four days in Geneva, I always believe changing the atmosphere and refreshing yourself is helpful. The flight to Geneva is quick, and in one hour and a half I was in a different world, and it’s only 6 minutes from the airport to the town centre where the famous Geneva Lake is and the famous Mont Blanc Bridge.

The first night I was filmed for the B1 Nation TV, which organized the event. It was challenge and I tell you, I had to put a lot of makeup on to cover up the tiredness from my 7am flight from Gatwick! But it was a huge hall, with over 500 people there and I met amazing Arab singers who were very supportive and friendly, one of them was the stunning star Huda Saad.

The second day was much more intense, it started with breakfast in one of the most exclusive hotels, with lectures from different peace organizations. One of them was the World Food Programme (WFP), who are doing an amazing job delivering food in moments of crisis to every place in the world. There was also a very moving lecture from the Sea Shepherds charity, who save whales and dolphins, who showed an almost disturbing movie of how whales are killed.

One of the highlights of my visit was meeting the famous producer Jean-Yves Labat de Rossi, who created a music group named kolechad (one voice), of Israeli and Palestinian’s, it’s really interesting to see how the two collaborate together. The next day I performed in the grounds of the United Nations, in front of the main building which I was very proud of. The last song, I invited to the stage the Arab singer and producer Yusuf Azzar and we improvised and wrote a song together on the stage, which was really exciting, when I get the video I will send you a link.

I also met a very special man who was from Peru originally; he had nothing to do with Judaism or Israel, but he has spent a number of years of his life looking to prove that the Hebrew language is the origin of all languages. Check out his website www.edenics.org The star of the event was the French singer Francis Lalanne, who entertained us with pleasant songs.

The last night I felt already familiar with the town, I met new friends and we all went out. Geneva is a very easy place to get around on the tram, and I had a great time, the only problem was that I gained two pounds from all of the cheese and chocolate!

Music promoters & Gigs

First I apologise to my friends who came to see me last night that I had to cancel the gig. It was a professional decision that I had to make and I hope you’ll understand after reading this blog.

I was the headline performer of the night at the venue. The promoter booked me 2 month in advance and because I am quiet experienced of those kinds of gigs, promoters put different bands together that musically don’t match each other. I agreed with him that I would arrange the bands myself or he would book acoustic acts before me and we were really planning a great evening.

Unfortunately in my long experience in London venues and promoters. They book you and chat with you over the phone and promise you mountains but all they want is your crowd and they don’t even come to their own event. We do the hard work and bring loyal fans and friends who come to listen to our music. But the fans and friends of the other act, especially if it’s a young rock band or different music style will then talk when you sing or leave and go to the bar and the place will look empty.

A big publisher that wanted to sign me came to see me in one of those gigs and felt sorry when I was playing on the piano and people were talking. He said to me after, “you can’t go to a Mexican restaurant and expect to have a fine French food”.

I think he put it in the right words, and for me and other acts like me, that like to have quality night with good music and the right atmosphere its time to wake up.  I already did  few big events myself  and had over 100 people coming and  managed to pay good fee to my musicians and mostly enjoyed a whole gig, so there is definitely another way.

Coming back to last night, as I was already aware of those frustrating evenings I made conditions to the promoter to prevent that situation. I worked for 2 month inviting people, making posters and flyers, putting up a few times in east London, having a rehearsal and paying my musicians. The promoter didn’t keep his promise and booked 2 rock bands before me, which changed all of the dynamic of the evening and the situation with the sound check.

The sound check was from 5 but the manager agreed with me to come at 6. For the first time in my life I was late, sitting in the taxi in traffic that didn’t move. I left home on time also my band was 20 minutes late. But my drummer was on time. When he arrived at 6 the other band were doing their sound check anyway. When the other band finished the sound check, the band which I arranged to play at the venue, were about to go on stage to do their sound check, exactly when I arrived – bad timing for me, or maybe not. The sound engineer was immediately rude to us and said that he wouldn’t give us a sound check. I was shocked and answered him quiet firmly that I was the headline and we must do one, even if was just a few minutes. He again said that he would not do and even swore at me. Shocking!

My drummer tried to talk to him in more gentle way but he didn’t want to hear and wasn’t flexible. My drummer that plays with top bands including the Genesis tribute band, agreed with me that he had never had a situation with such an inflexible sound engineer. We all know that sound check is never on time and how many times we waited for over 2 hours to do it. There was a presenter there from the promotion company but he didn’t do anything, just stood there and even didn’t come to apologise or find a solution.

I also called the promoter who booked and “plan” the evening with me but was told he is on the other line few times. Although I have made so many gigs in my life in small venues with no condition, sometime even singing accapela or in great venues like the Forum, Pizza on the Park, Soho Revue Bar and many more, I had a choice: do I want to go and sing without a sound check, specially in a venue like that, that sound is super loud? My professional ethics say – NO!

Especially because the engineer was so rude, I was afraid that it would be a disaster. I was looking forward so much to that gig but something said to me; Tally, it’s time to move on. Find the right promoters and nice warm intimate venues that I and the audience will enjoy.

Any suggestion or comments are welcome. If you like my music and would like to do some events together get in touch.