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As story growth through sharing, you can be part of a very exciting campaign and share your story to inspire millions.

It’s very simple, all you have to do is to share with us, what is that you want to change or have changed already to improve in your life, the community or the world.

My vision is having as many people as possible sharing positive things and then putting them together to a very inspiring video to inspire others to make a change.

To submit –

1. Share with us your story, either with written word, filming on iPhone 1-3 minute video, an audio recordings, Inspiring – photograph, poem, quote or a song.

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2. If you like can can tell us what have inspired you to do it .

3. What is the impact of your action either on your life, the community or the world.

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Coventry is a Truly Wonderful Place of Reconciliation

I had the most delightful visit to Coventry when I was invited to sing at a BOPA conference held at the Belgrade Theatre.

My day started with a BBC interview with a wonderful presenter called Vic Minnet.

Press on the image to Listen –

bbc coventryAs I was on my way to see Coventry Cathedral later, she gave me a great tip of how to get the best first impression of the Cathedral which helped to make my visit such a profound one.

Her suggestion was to walk straight inside the Cathedral to the end and only then to look back at the ethereal work of the Saints and Angels engravings of John Hutton.

I followed Vic’s instructions and it was indeed an amazing experience.
It was so refreshing to see the same images that we have seen
throughout history, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period but with a new interpretation.

The whole atmosphere of the Cathedral was of a welcoming place that anyone could come to pray or reflect.


Friday evenings are special for me before the Sabbath and I decided to go to the Cathedral for the evening service.

There was just a small group in the congregation and I had a very warm welcome.

With the Holy atmosphere, I asked if it would be possible to light Friday night candles as this is a Jewish custom and I was so moved when the Rev Stephen Fielding (the new Canon Treasurer) agreed.

I asked him if it would be possible to also say the prayer that accompany’s the candle lighting and he allowed me to.

It was so moving to say the prayer in a Cathedral and a place of peace .


The following day was also a very moving event at the Belgrade Theatre and Members of the British Organisation for People of Asian Origin made very inspiring speeches.

It was a great privilege for me to perform in front of such an esteemed audience that included Lords and Ladies,Bishops.
Mayors and Lord Lieutenants.

The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry,


Mr Paul Sabhapati, West Midlands Queen’s Lord Lieutenant

This was such an important event especially in these days when the unity of all Nations is so very important .

As a person with a background of grandparents from Syria and Poland, the integration of East and West has become part of my life .
I sang ‘Free Will’ and Two Kisses.

Coventry is a truly wonderful place of reconciliation.

72 Day (Hallelujah) Day : 70 Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mystical Side & Da Vinci Code – 72 – Interview with Silvano Vinceti

The video of the Mona Lisa came to me like a gift from heaven! I read that an art historian in Italy had found that the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci who painted the Mona Lisa had the number 72 in the background.

From that moment and in less than a week of the discovery I found myself in Rome doing an interview on TV with Silvano Vinceti president of Italy’s National Committee for Culture.

Almost as another miracle a young Italian woman sent us her bio to work on the 72 days campaign. After a 10 minute interview I knew that I would like her to be a part of it but more than that I gave her the mission to arrange the interview with Silvano and she herself, Fabiola Miccone is the translator and the one who got me the interview.

The most important thing for me was to find that Leonardo da Vinci was very much into kabbala and I learnt about his mystical side for the first time. in the video I also include a short clip from Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN
NUMEROLOGIST about the subject.

I hope you enjoy the video.

You can download the single from iTunes via this link


Or, Amazon via this link:


72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 63 : Jacobs Ladder

I decided to created this video after that I read on Wikipedia that Jacobs Ladder had 72 steps. I started to enquire and contacted a few Kabbala teachers that I have studied with in the past but they could not find anything substantial that we can rely on that confirms this number. I then took the video to different areas that were influenced by the biblical story such as art and I filmed an original Chagall painting that is named Jacob Ladder and the famous painting by William Blake.

I filmed the video at Abbey Bath and counted the steps which almost equaled 72!

To claim your free download www.tallykoren.com

72 Names (Hallelujah) : Day 43 George Hart Created A Structure From 72 Pencils – What Can You Do?

It’s amazing for me to see how an artist like George Hart created a work of art with the number 72. As someone that loves art and believes in creativity with no limits I’m inviting you to create something with the number 72. It can be a photograph, a painting, digital, video, anything!

You can find out more about George Hart: http://www.georgehart.com/sculpture/pencils.html

Everybody that enters gets a free download, please go to http://www.tallykoren.com

Welcome to Tallyland!

Welcome to my Tallyland blog – Tallyland why?  – I’ve been accused many times in my life that I live in my own world but I am glad I was never accused of being  too selfish!

Tallyland will give me the opportunity to share with you so much knowledge that I have gathered since a very young age of being a model, traveling the world, to my love of fashion, beauty, health and holistic medicine, spirituality and mysticism, a place to visit and enjoy food and my passion of music and life.

I will start with event that I went to last week which inspired me a lot.  It was an intimate lecture by the Award winning illustrator, designer, director and animator Noma Bar, who spoke about his brilliant work “The Visual Punch Line”.  If you’ll see the link below you’ll recognized his distinctive images that we can see in posters, magazine and the papers.

He  gave us an insight into how he manages to create an image that has such a strong impact with, with so little information by  using  negative space. For me it was such a nice experience to get out of Tallyland and hear someone else talking about his creativity with so much passion, honesty and simplicity. It showed me that all creative people, even if their work will express different aspect and perception of reality, is all coming from the same place.

Link to Noma Bar agent:


The event took place in the most amazing gallery  – Stern Pissarro Gallery, on St. James’s Street in the West End, which I will have a special blog as my favourite period of painting is the impressionism.

We were surrounded by the most amazing paintings of  Camille Pissarro and Sisley, what an uplifting experience. The painting near me had a value of £45000 and a clever man in the audience asked Noma, how does he see his work in the far future, and can he imagine the concept of one of his works being sold for so much money?

I wrote once a song in Hebrew which I haven’t released yet – No more Van Gogh Artists starving for bread (bad translation) but it was a kind of a statement that came from my own old experience in Israel, of not being fully recognised. Not because people didn’t think I was good, as I worked with the best musicians but because I create from a different place, not trying to be like that or the way the music industry rules dictates us to get quick success.

It’s so nice to see more and more artists being recognized, organisations supporting art and even the commercial X- Factor phenomena and Britain’s Got Talent give hope to many people.

As to my beliefs: the most important is to be able to express your emotions in life with freedom and love.

Lisiere du Bois by Camille Pissarro

http://www.pissarro.net/ Stern Pissarro Gallery. 66 St. James’s Street, London.