The Carmel Forest Spa -Heaven for the Guests ! 

For years and years the carmel forest was a big part of my life . I remember our weekend family visits to the area and also with the scouts and I left it all behind to live in the big city Tel Aviv and then London .

I have been working as a freelance journalist at the start of my stay and had a colum about holistic life at the Israeli magazine Alondon ,which gave me a great pass to many nice spas in the uk and over the world . 

Last week , I went to israel to recharge before my performance at the Shalom Festival in Edinburgh and  I found the spa I was looking for .

A spa that gives you an instant feeling of wellbeing for me it was even more a spa that brings me back home .

I took for my short visit my wonderful mother that she is 81 in September and it was my birthday gift for her. My mother is from polish origins and who ever know anything about polish mothers they are very critical. But it’s my mother own words that gave the title to the blog A heaven on Earth .

Please look at the site and see what deals they have .
I was only for one night and felt great after but I wish I was two nights .

What made extra special and help me to relax so fast was the best hot stone treatment for 80 minutes .

I was extremely moved to find out that the therapist was not only Arab but a Muslim that lives in Haifa her name is Zeda  which strengthen my message that there is co existence in israel we just need to nourish it more !