UNITE FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EASTImage                                                    

Israeli singer songwriter Tally Koren and Palestinian singer Nizar Al-Issa are uniting in west London for an evening of music for peace in the Middle East’. 

It is fitting that the event takes place on the International Day of Peace – Saturday, September 21st. The event, organized by the Universal Peace Federation UK, is a fundraiser for the Parents Circle Families Forum – Palestinians and Israelis bereaved by the conflict who work together for peace and reconciliation.

Initiatives such as this one are particularly important at a time when moves towards peace have been rekindled.

Tally’s latest single – Hallelujah:72 Names – has been translated into Arabic specially for this event and will be sung in Hebrew, Arabic and English.  

A new interpretation of the classic hymn, Jerusalem, will be sung by Israelis and Palestinians together, looking to a new future for this historic city, that can be enjoyed by Israelis and Palestinians.

Tally Koren said: “I believe strongly that music is a common language that can bridge the divide and lead the way to a better future for us all. “

Nizar Al-Issa said:  “ I am taking part in this concert because I believe in peace and in the humanity of both sides