Day 24 : Radio plugger – Handing my single 72 Names (Hallelujah) to Neil Ashby

The reason I’m writing to you is as choosing the right radio plugger was what made all of the difference with my first release Beauty of the Duty which was on the Radio 2 playlist and championed by Chris Evans, Graham Norton and Steve Wright.

A radio plugger is the person that takes the final product of the single or album to the radio. In the UK radio pluggers are divided by national and regional pluggers. The aim of every plugger is first of all to get it to the national radio playlists (Radio 1 or Radio 2) and once it gets there it becomes obvious that the regional radios will follow suit. Finding the right plugger is a very important step if your doing it by yourself as first it’s very expensive with prices from £500 – £3000 per month, it’s important to make sure the plugger really loves the music and has had previous success and is not just after the cash. From my experience at the beginning of my career I remember I almost hired a plugger who used to be a top plugger but not longer had her heart on the pulse of the industry. I immediately felt that she was not confident enough to present my music, which is not the most obviously mainstream, and I pulled it at the last moment. Saying that, which is a good thing, top pluggers will not represent you if they don’t believe that they can make it happen for you even if you offer a lot of money. Most are sincere; one was so sincere he told me that over his dead body would one of my tracks be played on national radio! It was an old demo so I forgive him but following this luckily I found Neil Ashby. Please watch my video to hear Neil speak about 72 Names (Hallelujah)… / Facebook Tallykoren / twitter @tallykoren /