The Most important 10 Moments of my Year 2014 lion –
This is a wonderful memory that I got from January last year. I attented to the Midem music festival in Cannes where about 10.000 people from all around the world came to talk and do business in regards with music.
It’s definitely a great place for artists to do some networking and also meeting publishers and record labels. On the last day of my visit I decided to do a good meditation and visualisation before starting my long schedule day of meetings. It made me feel strong, focused and very relaxed.
I texted my husband, who is a Behaviour Strategist in Harley Street, and wrote – I feel like a pink lion. As a response, my husband sent me this wonderful photo that became my screen saver, reminding me that sensation of feeling strong but soft at the same time – Velvet glove with Iron fist .

2. On the same day I went to the Carlton hotel in Cannes, where all the exclusive people from the music industry have their meetings. With the attitude of a Pink Lion I was looking around and also very aware of what was going on. Suddenly I saw a man in his late sixties who was talking with the Warner music representative in Israel. I was drawn to talk to him even though I felt a bit shy. I looked at my pink lion photo and went straight and started to speak to him. I was thrilled to realise that my intuition was so strong as the man was the legendary -Seymour Stein, who was the founder of Sire Records which signed pioneer artists such as Talking Heads, The Pretenders , Madonna, Depeche Mode and many more . I told him about my song ‘Free Will’ and very soon I will actually send him the single!

3. Deciding to do the kickstarter campaign was a moment that I will never forget. To do such a campaign I had to work out of my comfort zone, as we all know that asking for money is not the easiest thing.

4. Recording string section for my single.
It was the first time that I had 14 players playing my songs. I absolutely loved it and it felt very emotional. The cinematic strings section were recorded by Haydn Bendall who’s previous credit include Kate Bush, Katie Melua and Dido. The beautiful strings arrangement was done by Phil Curran who worked with me on my previous BBC 2 playlisted single “Beauty of the Duty”.


5. Celebrating my 50th birthday at the Old Government House Hotel with my husband and receiving beautiful messages from all my fans and friends. I feel that Life begins at 50th!


6. Singing ‘Free Will’ at the Houses of Commons.

7. Achieving my kickstarter Goal !

8. Supporting Mkdons and watching the game when they won 4-0 to Manchester United !



9. Recording the piano version with special gusets – the Ely Cathedral Girls Choir conducted by Sarah E. A. MacDonald which created a pure and ethereal sound and the Latin version in English and Spanish ‘Tengo Libertad’ featuring Eric Fernandez
who is know for his collaboration with
the Gypsy Kings.

10. Meeting and hearing the inspiring speech of HE Mr Mazen Kemal Homoud, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
at a fundraising event for empower women in the Middle East .


Day 25 : Clip of my New Single 72 Names (Hallelujah)

This is the first clip of my new single. There is always a dilemma if you should play people the single before the release date and let people hear it for free, while my main target and aspiration is to get into the chart, which you need to do about 2000 to get into the Top 100. At the end of the day we all love the music, singing the publicity but to maintain it for a long period and not only a small boost to the ego you need to sell. It is a business and the 72 day campaign for me is my own research, who are my target audience, the people that identify with my music and grow with me. I’m planning to do a really big show at the end of the campaign to choose my best 72 fans and the prizes and the reward are still a surprise!

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Day 24 : Radio plugger – Handing my single 72 Names (Hallelujah) to Neil Ashby

The reason I’m writing to you is as choosing the right radio plugger was what made all of the difference with my first release Beauty of the Duty which was on the Radio 2 playlist and championed by Chris Evans, Graham Norton and Steve Wright.

A radio plugger is the person that takes the final product of the single or album to the radio. In the UK radio pluggers are divided by national and regional pluggers. The aim of every plugger is first of all to get it to the national radio playlists (Radio 1 or Radio 2) and once it gets there it becomes obvious that the regional radios will follow suit. Finding the right plugger is a very important step if your doing it by yourself as first it’s very expensive with prices from £500 – £3000 per month, it’s important to make sure the plugger really loves the music and has had previous success and is not just after the cash. From my experience at the beginning of my career I remember I almost hired a plugger who used to be a top plugger but not longer had her heart on the pulse of the industry. I immediately felt that she was not confident enough to present my music, which is not the most obviously mainstream, and I pulled it at the last moment. Saying that, which is a good thing, top pluggers will not represent you if they don’t believe that they can make it happen for you even if you offer a lot of money. Most are sincere; one was so sincere he told me that over his dead body would one of my tracks be played on national radio! It was an old demo so I forgive him but following this luckily I found Neil Ashby. Please watch my video to hear Neil speak about 72 Names (Hallelujah)… / Facebook Tallykoren / twitter @tallykoren /