Free Will Project Day 5 by Tally Koren – Strong Will – Swimming in the Red Sea in the Winter

Today, I force myself to swim although it was very cold and I was lazy and tired but the feeling after is so good, that its always worth the effort.
Hope the video with me swimming in the cold sea will inspire you to go and do some sport
too !


72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 12 : Kabbalah – 72 Names of God an Interview with Janet Berenson

In this video I interview the Kabbalah teacher Janet Berenson. I met Janet when I did my BA in the Leo Baeck college and I very much like her attitude and open practicality about the subject of Kabbalah. In this video she will explore the roots of the name ’72 names of God’ and how can we use it in daily life.

For more information about Janet and to read her blogs please visit:

Free Download:
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72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 11 : Manifesto – creating from nothing pt. 2 & the discovery about the Mona Lisa

This is the second week of my campaign and what I like about life and creativity is that you can have an idea which is the seed which then develops into something more concrete. There’s still much more to go for me in the campaign and to achieve but at least in this video I can show you some progress and introduce my team.

72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 9 : Numerology, the relationship between numbers and life interview with Sonia Ducie

This video and blog is about one of the most fascinating subjects numerology which is the world of numbers and how they effect our life. According to numerology, every number has a different vibration.

I had the privilege to interview Sonia Ducie, a numerologist and an author, and has written 11 books on the subject. In the video Sonia discusses numerology and analyses the total number of my new single 72 Names (Hallelujah) and what its purpose and meaning is.

The interview was held at The Connaissance School and The Royston Cave Shop.

For more information about her work please visit / Facebook: Tallykoren / Twitter @tallykoren

72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 6: 72 second film

Today’s video and blog is all about you! I invite you to show your talents or creative idea and to record a 72 second film. The film can be recorded by mobile phone or professional camera – as the most important aspect is the idea and how it grabs us. It can be a from funny video of your children, to a beautiful view.

You have 3 weeks to upload your film.

Each video that will be posted on the walls of my sites will get a free download. To claim it go to and enter the competition.

First prize – I will sing for your birthday.

Second prize – invite to the launch of my single 72 Names (Hallelujah)

Third prize – signed copy of my CD.

Good luck & have fun with it!

72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 5: Mixing advice

My blog today is about mixing, something that I’ve really learnt the importance of through my years of recording songs. If I take the parable of baking a cake – you can have the best ingredients to make a chocolate cake but if you put too much of one ingredient in, over the others it will destroy it, if you over cook it or under cook it that will make a big difference, and it is the same with mixing – watch my video from the mixing room of making of my new single 72 Names (Hallelujah).

72 Names (Hallelujah) Day 4: Does life begin at 40?

I am inviting you today to watch my video about turning 40. I actually started my life at the age of 40, as a singer-songwriter, but I also became happily married after that age. So I would love to know how you feel. There will also be a competition at the end for the most positive comment!